Watch Josh Murray’s Cute Dog Interrupt Him During His Home Workout


Dogs just wanna’ have some fun.

The former Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise contestant Josh Murray can’t get a home workout in without his playful pup innocently interrupting him. 

On Saturday, the TV star shared an adorable video that shows him trying to get some push-ups in But shortly after, his dog Bella gets in his way, starts licking him and seems to want to play. Who can blame her?

“Welp, I tried. Clearly Bella hasn’t seen me workout yet during this quarantine except for shoveling carbs in my #dadbod #10pushupchallenge #germansheperd,” the former Bachelor In Paradise star wrote on Instagram.

Earlier this week, his adorable pup Bella celebrated her first birthday.

“My baby is 1 today! It seems like just yesterday when I brought her home and introduced her to her sister. Having a second dog is the best thing I’ve ever done, Bella and Gizzy are inseparable. She has brought such joy to my life, there is no substitute for a dogs unconditional love. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!” Murray wrote, alongside a series of photos and videos of his adorable dogs.

Most recently Murray opened up to E! News about why his experience on The Bachelor franchise “still stings.”

“Just all the negativity afterwards, and all the lies, and all the dishonesty, and all the hyperbole and the statements that were out there,” Murray shared when discussing the hardest parts of his experience. “It was just very tough dealing with that. I’m a people pleaser, so I enjoy people in general and what happened was very tough on me having to deal with people believing certain things that weren’t true. And I guess I have got to take responsibility because I also put myself in those situations.”

He added that even though he’s reached a positive headspace and a good place in his life, he still hopes to speak his truth one day.

“The thing that kills me all the time is I want to put the truth out. Like I want people to know the truth and they can either believe me or not. That’s their prerogative,” he told E! News. “But I definitely want to do that. But it’s tough, it’s like I said, it’s just a, it’s a catch 22 really. I don’t want to talk bad, but at the same time I want to tell the truth. So that always stings me, even though it’s been years, it still stings me. It hurts.”

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