Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Kids Hilariously Take Over His Opening Monologue


It’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon…and his kids! 

The late-night host’s two daughters—Winnie, 6, and Franny, 5—sweetly stole the spotlight once again during Thursday’s at-home episode.

For the opening monologue, Jimmy decided to provide a change of scenery and sit in the back of his car with his loved ones. However, it wasn’t long before the children got a little antsy. From dancing in their seats and putting their feet up on their dad to walking right up to the camera and singing songs about Tic Tacs, the little ladies enjoyed tons of silly shenanigans.

“That’s not a song,” Jimmy said as his kiddos performed their minty melody.

“It is now,” his wife, and substitute camerawoman, Nancy Juvonen said. 

At another point, Winnie and Franny decided to switch seating arrangements and crawled over their dad in the middle of a joke. However, the fun times didn’t end once the monologue was over. During a game of “Hashtags” the sisters played a game in which they pretended they couldn’t see their father and then proceeded to “play ball” by passing his body back and forth.

Watch the video to see them totally take over.

This wasn’t the first time the young ones had made adorable cameos. To see a few other examples, check out the gallery below.

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