Simone Manuel Uses BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced Razor: Details


How Olympic Swimmer Simone Manuel Gets Her Legs So Smooth
Simone Manuel. Courtesy of BIC

No one appreciates a great silky shave quite like an Olympic swimmer. Don’t believe Us? Just ask Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky, the new faces of BIC’s Soleil Sensitive Advanced “Game On” campaign.

Manuel, 23, took a break from training for the 2021 Olympics to chat with Us Weekly’s Stylish over the phone. The Stanford University alum told us more about the $6 razors she’s obsessed with, a relatable shaving story and the beauty product she always keeps in her swim bag.

“I’ve been using BIC for a couple of years now,” the Texas native tells Us. This tidbit doesn’t come as a major surprise because she’s not alone. The go-to razor brand just formally became the “Official Razor of USA Swimming.”

If you take a look inside of Manuel’s swim bag, she says you’ll find a handful of beauty staples: body lotion, leave-in conditioner, deodorant and the new BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced razor.

“Their new razor is water activated and it has moisture strips enriched with aloe,” the swimmer expertly explains. In short, it’s a must-have drugstore purchase for athletes on-the-go and those with sensitive skin that’s prone to pesky razor bumps.

“As someone who has sensitive skin, it’s awesome because it allows me to have a great shave before a high level competition,” says Manuel. “I know that I have a clean shave and that my skin won’t be irritated when I’m ready to race.”

One of the many benefits about the razor is that you don’t need shaving cream. “I’ll just put water on my legs and a little bit of soap,” the four-time Olympic medalist tells Us. Because the razor is water-activated, that’s all you need to achieve that swimmer-approved, close shave.

How Olympic Swimmer Simone Manuel Gets Her Legs So Smooth
Courtesy of BIC

Manuel hasn’t always had pleasant experiences shaving and she recounts a story with Us about her first time shaving when she was “13 or 14.”

“I went on a travel trip with my team and I had one of the older swimmers help me shave my legs because I was worried about shaving my shin and my kneecaps,” she explained. “I think all women can say that’s the hardest part because it’s so easy to cut yourself.”

“Of course, I cut my shin, but I competed well,” said the sprint freestyler with a laugh. “So that’s all we can ask for.”

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