HTGAWM Series Finale Kills Annalise Keating


So Wes was not alive after all. 

Like some had suspected but few wanted to believe, the Alfie Enoch who walked through Annalise’s funeral was actually a grown up Christopher, because—like many suspected and we all did want to believe—Annalise’s funeral actually takes place decades in the future. She won her trial and lived a long and happy life with Tegan by her side, though it’s not as if there wasn’t damage done in the process. 

A flashforward at the start of the episode told us someone would be shout outside the courthouse, and we spent most of the episode believing Annalise was the victim. But that was not the case. Frank spiraled after learning about who his real parents are, and as Annalise was giving a victory interview on the steps outside the courthouse, Frank arrived with a gun and shot the governor. But the governor’s guards shot back, killing both Frank and Bonnie, who had tried to stop him. 

Since Annalise won her trial, Connor went to jail, and tried to divorce Oliver before he went. Oliver had even been ready to lie on the stand against Annalise to keep Connor out of jail, but at the funeral we saw them together and still married, so all will be well there someday. 

We also saw Nate break ground on his justice center, while Michaela, with two daughters by her side, was sworn in as a judge. Christopher attended the funeral with his mother, but it was clear he had never met any of her old law school pals. 

The final scene served as a mirror to the first scene of the series, with Christopher riding his bike to law class, only this time he’s the professor, and he’s teaching “How To Get Away With Murder” just like his mentor did. 

So it turns out you really can get away with murder, especially if you’re Annalise Keating and you can give a speech like the one she gave as her closing remarks about how she may be flawed but she’s not a murderer. And at this point that feels like it should be a lie, but it’s not! Annalise is not a murderer, though pretty much everyone around her is. 

RIP to Annalise Keating and to this show. It’s been a wild ride. 

How To Get Away With Murder aired on ABC. 

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