Heather Knight: Quizzes, cycling & volunteering for NHS


It is pretty dramatic how things have changed in the 10 days since I’ve been back from Australia.

To start with, it was all pretty normal. I got picked up from the airport, went into town to meet a few friends and we had a walk through a lovely, quiet London.

Then we went for a drink in a pub and while we were in there, it was announced that we should avoid going to pubs!

I headed down to my boyfriend’s in Bristol before the lockdown was announced – I didn’t pack very much as I thought I would only be here for a week or so. It’s turned out to be a bit longer than that…

Tim and I have gone from not seeing each other for seven weeks to living in each other’s pockets. We have only had a few little tiffs – mostly when I’m trying to do my exercise programmes in the lounge and he’s trying to play Call of Duty. He gets in the way of my dead bugs!