Go to the Prom With Some of TV’s Best School Dance Episodes

For many students, the end of the school year is generally marked by the big dance, the prom. But as schools around the country pivoted to distance learning in the wake of the coronavirus, the prom didn’t happen in the traditional sense. If you’re missing the big dance, or just want to experience the nostalgia of the prom and days gone by, these TV episodes are a perfect antidote.

The prom TV episode is the hallmark of a young adult/family show. It’s almost always full of some kind of drama or milestone, even for comedies throwing their hat in the ring with a prom-centric installment.

Below, take a walk down memory with some of the best prom episodes of a few of our all-time favorite shows.

Prom TV Episodes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Prom TV episodes, One Tree Hill

The CW

Prom TV episodes, Friends


Prom TV episodes, Dawson's Creek

The WB

Prom TV episodes, Boy Meets World


Prom TV episodes, Grey's Anatomy


Prom TV episodes, Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Prom TV episodes, Glee


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