A Ranked List of Live-Action Disney Remakes to Watch Now


We know, you were supposed to be seeing Mulan this weekend.

People all over the world were looking forward to Disney’s latest live-action offering based on one of the classic animated titles from its vaunted vault. 

Alas, the novel coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to all theatrical releases for awhile, and in the hopes that we will all one day in the near-as-qualifies-as-safe future, Disney is waiting for the all-clear rather than digitally beam Mulan into your home.

Luckily, in case you weren’t aware, the studio has built up a bit of an archive that you can watch right now on streaming services, cable on demand or via VOD rental or purchase.

And we’ll start with the recent spate of live-action remakes, which are a whole mood unto themselves.

Yes, some of them have met with mixed-to-middling reviews, but much like pizza or French fries, even the lesser ones can be pretty satisfying when you’re in the mood.

Not to mention, many of the critiques are neither here nor there when you’re craving some dazzling special effects, your favorite Disney songs that you know all the words to, and a heartwarming ending.

But here’s a list of what’s on offer that’s ranked for your judging pleasure:

ESC: Beauty and the Beast, Gown

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Cinderella, Lily James


The Jungle Book

Walt Disney Studios

The Lion King


Lady and the Tramp, Trailer, 2019
Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Alice In Wonderland, 2010



Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Aladdin, Mena Massoud, Will Smith

Walt Disney Studios

And trust us, we can’t wait for Mulan—or anything at all—to open in theaters, either.

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