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Dr.Sambasiva Rao Peteti| Ayurveda Clinic in Hyderabad.Specialist in Ayurvedic Treatment Gastro intestinal Disorders like Acidity,Peptic and Duodenal ulcers,IBS.
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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes helps in cure of both Type1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes permanently in quick time. It is a kind of ayurvedic treatment for ...
This is a type of cell exist throughout the body such as brain, bone, bone marrow, blood, blood vessel, skin, liver etc.They remain in a non-dividing state for years until activated by disease or tissue injury. Stem cell can divide or self renewal indefinitely enabling them to generate a range of cell types from the originating organ or even regenerates the entire original organ.
Cancer Treatment and Cure. That works for All - Welcome friends today I am introducing to you by Phyto-science basically Phyto-science is a research organiza...
Dr.Rohini Devi is an eminent fertility specialist with more experience in the field of fertility and has performed more ivf cycles. Our modular ivf lab is at the forefront of ivf technology and we facilitate to enable us to provide the best possible laboratory conditions to ensure consistently high success rates. We offer a high range of fertility services including the new technologies and have a dedicated team of professionals who work to the highest standard with passion.